Winona Farmers Market is Moving this Weekend (June 19)!

Welcome to the Winona Farmers Market, a  local organization that invites producers of homegrown fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, herbal medicine, eggs, honey, syrups, dairy products, baked goods, meats, flowers, bedding, and house plants to come together with local residents to share in the bounty of our beautiful region.
Our goal is to provide fresh, quality local products for our customers; to provide a local site for producers to sell their products; to educate our customers on healthy eating, and to provide freshly harvested produce at prices everyone can afford.

Our Sponsors

Sandy Dietz


Sarah Schaub

Member At Large:

Randy Granum

Bob Schultz

Tom Wunderlich´╗┐

Katie Mueller-Freitag

Mike Rupprecht

Market Coordinator:

´╗┐Monica DeGrazia

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